Threading Water

Threading Water Mission: To provide clean water to as many people as possible.

Another socially conscious clothing company. So what? Why is Threading Water different, and why should you care?

At Threading Water, it’s all about the - you guessed it - water. Shocking. We know. But so many “socially conscious” clothing companies strive to just sustain their business. We not only sustain our products; we improve our communities and our planet, all with a t-shirt.

We are very picky when it comes to the clothing we provide. Where is it sourced? Are the workers compensated fairly? We have no tolerance for sweatshops. We make sure to pick the most comfortable, sustainable clothes we can. We are not going to skimp on quality or comfort. We believe it is important to provide clothing that you will wear again and again. 


But wait. There’s more. Threading Water is more than comfortable clothes that provide water to those in need around the world. We want to change communities one small action at a time. Be part of the movement. Buy a shirt. (Come on. You knew that was coming.) But don’t stop there. Get involved with a local cause, charity, or non-profit that you are passionate about. Or take a moment to help someone else with just a small token of kindness.  It’s never to late to start.


Threading Water partners with Lifewater International who builds clean water wells for people who wouldn't have access to safe water otherwise. Threading Water donates to Lifewater who then uses the funds to build the water wells. We hope you will consider becoming a part of the Threading Water community. Join us today by buying a shirt, helping someone right where you are, or by joining the Threading Water Crew! Don't let excuses get in the way, the time is now!


“You are never to old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.” C.S. Lewis