About Us

Threading Water Co-Founder Isaac Mathews

Isaac - Co-Founder

Whether he is spending time with friends, family, or a complete stranger on the street, he is sure to make you feel important and even more sure to make you laugh. Isaac enjoys talking but he is an even better listener. He is the most honest man you will meet and strives to make the world a better place one smile at a time. 

Threading Water Co-Founder Michael Warren

Michael - Co-Founder

If it involves creativity count him in! You are most likely to find him scheming up a new design for a shirt or furniture piece, working on his next single, or finishing the last chapter to one of his children's stories. Making people laugh is second nature for him and if you catch him in a reflective mood, you are sure to dive deep into a conversation about life and it's meaning.

Threading Water Buyer Rachael Mathews

Rae Mathews - Buyer

As cliche as it sounds, Rae is definitely more than just a pretty face! Rae is an avid green thumb, a nanny, a yoga enthusiast, a blogger, and all around amazing human being! If you get the chance to chat with Rae you will definitely talk about Yoga and plants. She loves nature and has a huge heart for others. She has a vast knowledge on fashion and modeling and has helped us tremendously on both accounts! Thank you Rae! 

 Fun Fact: Rae is married to Isaac the co-founder. :) <3

Threading Water Production/Assembly Shelly Mathews

Shelly Mathews - Production & Assembly

Shelly makes it all happen. She works behind the scenes doing all the sewing, bagging, tagging, mailing, inventorying, and everything else that it takes to actually keep a business like this running. We could never do it without Shelly!


Threading Water Model Maria Anne

Maria Anne - Model 

Paula Warren - Model

Fun Fact: Paula is married to Michael the Co-Founder. <3 

Threading Water Photographer Owen Scott Jordan

Owen Scott Jordan - Photographer 

Threading Water Photographer Jenn Hall Photo

Jenn Hall - Photographer